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Eruptions Updates


Villarrica, Chile

Villarrica has become the Kim Kardashian of volcanoes with stunning images of its recent activity flooding the internet. Fire fountains have sent ash and lava up to 1000 ft in to the air and light up the skies of Southern Chile for the past few days.

The volcano has been restless for several weeks now, with small bombs and scoria blocking the usual tourist hike round the crater lake. So far about 3,500 people have been evacuated from the flanks, predominantly the residents of Pucón a popular tourist destination.

Although the fireworks appear to have calmed down, seismicity remains high indicating Villarrica has not finished clearing his throat.

Bardabunga, Iceland

The other big volcanic news this past week comes with the end of the blogs most covered lava field at Holuhraun. On February 29th the Icelandic Met Office released a statement that the fissure eruptions has come to an end as there appears to be no lava output since mid February.


More in depth updates soon to follow.