One of the fun things about studying this field is the cheesy puns and dirty undertones, so here are a few of my faves to get you giggling! Why because GEOLOGY ROCKS!

“You want geology puns? Give me a minute. I’ll dig some up.”

“Geologists know what make the bedrock”

“Geology – The only profession where it is acceptable to measure a dyke’s cleavage.”

payapaberry via Tumblr

payapaberry via Tumblr

“Studying volcanoes can be tuff.”

“Don’t take schist for granite.”

“Intrusions: the larger the better”

“Lets pretend we’re plates and converge.”

“Meet me behind the outcrop; i’m a little boulder there!”

“Geologist; gneiss, tuff and a little bit wacke.”

earthstory via Tumblr

earthstory via Tumblr

“Basalt of the Earth.”

“I feel people take me for granite.”

“Never lend a geologist money. They consider a million years ago to be Recent.”

“Geologists: one rock short of a pile”



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