Eruption Update



This weeks show stealer has to be the ongoing dome collapses and ensuing pyroclastic flows from Sinabung. Activity began last summer and has since been on going and recently increasing in intensity. There are concerns this activity is leading up to something much bigger or that they could cause a structural failure and collapse of the volcano its self. Almost 10,000 people have been displaced by the activity however some officials fear that only a third of residents have left the area voluntarily putting thousands at risk if activity does worsen. The pyroclastic flows have reached at their furthers, 2.5 km from the summit on the southeastern flank.


Asama has added to the list of Japanese volcanoes which have been disrupting life in the country on Tuesday 16th . A small eruption is believed to have occurred with the local area receiving a light dusting of ash. Although it seems relatively calm JMA have warned it could be a precursor to further activity. As a precaution a 2km exclusion zone has been put in place. The alert level has remained on 2.


Tuesday 16th also renewed activity on Bulusan with 2 small phreatic eruptions occurring in the morning creating a kilometer high white plume.  Although this was accompanied by the sound of rumbling from within, the alert has remained at 1 but a closer eye is being kept on the mountain for any other signs of activity.


On June 12th a lahar travelled down the Trinidad drainage basin at approx 7.30 pm local time. Between June 13-16th explosions were frequent generating ash plumes and ejecting incandescent tephra 50 m above the crater. Ash fell down on areas downwind of the volcano including La Soledad, Acatenango, and Sacatepéquez

Figure 1; Sinabung


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