Eruptions Update



Costa Rica’s Turrialba has been rumbling for about a week now and at 9pm UTC Monday 4th it gave a moderate eruption which has coated as far as the country’s capital, San Jose, in ash 60km away. An ash column stood at just 2.5 km in from the eruption which lasted little over half an hour. The Juan Santamaría International Airport was closed for under 12 hours as staff worked through to clear the run way of ash, the aviation code has since been lowered and flights have resumed normal operation. When Turrialba started erupting back in March it left the airport closed for days, luckily this seems to be a much smaller eruption.

Turrialba, Costa Rica


Bulusan in the Philipeans let off a small phreatic eruption at 1.30 local time on Friday 1st May. The eruption which only lasted 5 minutes was followed by 40 volcanic tremors. Philvolcs have left the alert at 0 with it belived further activity is unlikely but the 4 km permanent danger zone is being kept in place. Local residents have also been advised to be watchfull of lahars and sediment heavey stream flows due to the heavy rain in region.


JMA are sending a team to look in to increased seismicity in the Hakone hot springs region. The earthquakes are believed to volcanic tremors which have been increasing at a shallow depth since late April. Inflation of the volcanic edifice is also being looked into. Alert remains low.



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