Perdón por mi tardanza!


Brilliant piece by one of the group leaders on my Masaya expedition, PhD student Kerry Reid.

Kerry Reid

Firstly, I should probably start by apologizing for such a big gap in posts! In all fairness, things where pretty manic during my last three weeks over in Nicaragua, meaning I had very few chances to sit down and concentrate on my blog!

After my first orientation week I was feeling much more confident and excited by the idea of leading a group of volunteers (particularly now my equipment had started behaving!) so I eagerly awaited the arrival of the new group. It was late Sunday afternoon when the new gang arrived and it was nice to be greeted by such an enthusiastic and friendly group of people! Over a few beers and an informal presentation we were able to learn more about our new friends. One of my favourites of the group was Warren, a gentleman in his eighties. He shared with me lots of stories about all the amazing places he had…

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