Kilauea Update


The June 27th lava flow is still advancing putting homes in lower Puna at risk. As of Saturday morning the front of the flow was 1.4 miles up slope from Apa’s road and has advance roughly 100 meters since. The lighter vegetation above the road ignited quickly as the lava advanced causing the first bush fire since the flow began in June. Smoke conditions have been moderate to heavy, with most of the smoke is being dispersed to Puna and Hilo. Work is being carried out on Railroad Avenue and Government Beach Road so they are able to accommodate traffic if the lava crossed highway 130.

1. Map of flow as of 20/09/14

The USGS HVO and the Hawai‘i County Civil Defense have been working closely to monitor the flow and advise local resident accordingly.An estimated 300,000 to 500,000 cubic meters (55,000–92,000 gallons per minute) of lava are being erupted each day how ever the flow rate has been fluctuating over the past week or so, slowing since Sunday.

Further information can be gathered at the Kilauea page of the HVO web site;



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